The Chinese Art of Object Placement.
Balancing, and Enhancing
The Environmental Design.

Fountain Fung Shui is a natural science whose history can be traced back more than four thousand years. It is the ultimate art of living in a harmonious environment.

Your environment acts as a mirror image of yourself and your life’s circumstances. Any limitations in your goals or desires are reflected in your business or living space and can be traced to corresponding structural and energy imbalances.

I have years of experience as a skilled practitioner helping people enhance their homes, businesses, and selling property that has been on the market too long. I am able to see where the energy is blocked and recommend new placements for furniture, color enhancements, and objects that will bring the vital flow of abundance back in your life. The result will be a comfortable, auspicious, powerful environment that attracts good health, career improvements, more money, creativity, and loving relationships.

Feng Shui can help you...
... Sell Houses
... Improve Health
... Increase Happiness
... Have Abundant Prosperity
... Rewarding Relationships

The growing popularity of Feng Shui is the direct result of its extraordinary effects on the people it touches.

Feng Shui Workshops
Bring a list of things you would like to improve in your life, a floor plan of your home, some paper, a ruler, and let’s get started. The classes are small and flexible for personal needs. The teaching is interactive and sharing with insight from years of experience. Well organized handouts and displays make the information easy to understand.

Beginning Feng Shui
3 hours………$45.00

    —Based on Black Hat Feng
    —Understanding the three principals of Feng Shui the Ba-gua System; a map showing which area’s of your home correspond to spiritual aspects in your life.
    —Practical application for everyone’s home or office.
    —Specific remedies to strengthen problem areas, clearing old energy and creating a positive direction in your life.
    —Maintaining the Feng Shui as changes occur.
    —Excellent handouts on many helpful tips.

Advanced Feng Shui
3 hours………$45.00

    —The three secrets; Mudra, Mantra, and Visualization
    —Understanding the cures
    —Blessing Ceremonies
    —The Trigrams of the I Ching
    —Comprehending Phoenix, Dragon, Tiger, Turtle and Earth
    —Auspicious signatures
    —Excellent handouts

Customer Comments
“We had her in before construction and after to get it fine tune. People remark on how comfortable this place is”

“I feel more energy and ability to get things done, now everything feels better”.
Valerie Byram