Customer Comments on Classes
“I felt Valerie’s presence with me and heard her voice telling me what to do through the many weeks I gave healing to my son in ICU. Her unconditional support always responding to what I needed at the time”.
-P. Yamashiro Reiki Master (California)

Customer Comments on Healing
“During a Reiki session, Valerie identified two damaged vertebrae and the other specific areas injured in an accident without knowing I had X-rays that verified her findings”.
-The President of F.A.N. Seattle, WA

“My whole life has changed since I have met you. I didn’t know the depth of my grief until you helped me let it go”.
-A. Johnson. Poulsbo WA

“You are truly a master healer. Only once before I have experienced healing this intensely deep and wonderful”.
-J. L. Certified Shen Practioner. Kent WA

“Each session with Valerie brought quick relief to whatever physical or emotional imbalance I was experiencing at the time….very nurturing”.
-G. Burton Muscian/Artist. Olympia WA

“My dog is 11, after one session her itching stopped almost immediately in a few days her arthritis was noticeably improving”.
-K. Kreyling

Customer Comments on Artwork
“After four months of indecision’s your drawing helped me understand how to change my life. Thank you very much”.
-Kathy M. Texas

“The details in the art and interpretation are very accurate. There is definitely a connection being made to my guides, and a growing/healing process going on. I would recommend her to anyone”
-K. Anderson Renton

Customer Comments on Feng Shui
Homeowners having trouble selling their property
“After Feng Shui my home sold in 1 ½ months. It had been on the market for almost two years”.

“The changes Valerie made brought me an acceptable offer in one week”.

Business Owners
“I put up one mirror and in three days my business took off”.

“We had her in before construction and after to get it fine tune. People remark on how comfortable this place is”

“My business doubled”.

“It’s easier to go up and down the steps, I use the whole house now”.

“My new apartment was missing areas and my clients kept missing appointments, with Feng Shui cures business is good again”.

“I feel more energy and ability to get things done, now everything feels better”.
Valerie Byram