Prior to moving to Seattle, I obtained a BS in Art Education, and a minor in Fine Arts from the State University Collage of Buffalo NY. I then went into teaching for three years in the Buffalo public school system and began selling multi-media sculptures through the Cottichelle Gallery in Buffalo.

Eventually settling in Redmond, Washington, art remained a constant part of my life. My work ranged from opaque water colors, portraits, acrylic landscapes, carving model air planes and to other interesting things out of balsa wood for people. A series of large wall sculptures made over a three year period in the early eighty’s exposed me to toxins that damaged my lungs and forced me to give up painting and sculpting for five years.

During that time of healing I turned to photo realistic pastel and pencil drawings as a means of expressing myself through art. During that time I also illustrated three books, one of which was a music book in which the composer wrote several new pieces so that they could include other drawings of mine that they especially liked.

The enjoyment of drawing has continued in my multi-media compositions of Totem Portraits and Spiritual Guides Drawings. Today I still illustrate the occasional CD cover, book, or poster and have found a way to return to my primary love of sculpture. Inspired by my love of animals, I have created a series of animal totem shields and beads. A professional mold maker turned down the job of creating molds for my little animal beads, saying it couldn’t be done. “No” has always been a motivational word for myself so I experimented until I found an easy way of producing what I wanted.

A car accident in 1988 left me injured and unable to sit in any position for more than 15 minutes, with migraine headaches, memory loss, and inability to use my hands. After $33,000 in medical treatments, there was no improvement and my doctor told me there was nothing more western medicine could do for me; as an artist, musician, and a teacher this was devastating. I turned to alternative medicine, acupuncture made vast improvements but after three years, my life was still plagued with a long list of adverse symptoms.

In 1991 I began to have positive results after studying Reiki with William Lee Rand, (author of “Reiki The Healing Touch” and founder of “The Center For Reiki Training”). The physical and emotional improvements in my life led me to continue my studies, becoming a Usui/Tibetitan Reiki Master, a Usui/Raku-Kei Reiki Master, a Karuna Master, and to complete the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine’s program in Soaring Crane Qigong with Master Chen, Hui Xian.

Today I am considered a “Level 9” healer able to work at the highest levels bringing through new healing energies and sacred attunements that create profound healing at the cellular/genetic level. I believe that a foundation of traditional Reiki and Qigong methods, combined with an understanding of the returning energy gifts, will allow anyone to grow into their full ability, as a healer, and creator of their own life.

When a Feng Shui expert came into her home and complemented her on the arrangement, Valerie discovered that she had already created most of the harmonious environment Feng Shui provides. The few changes recommended included water fountains, hanging some crystal balls, mirrors and plants. She noticed that with each completed cure there was an additional lightness in the house and within a week her business increased. This inspired her to study Feng Shui, learning the traditions and techniques in depth. Combined with her energy skills as a master healer, degree in art, and years of developing sensitivity to right brained activities she has become an exceptional Feng Shui practioner and teacher.
Valerie Byram